Three Solutions for Summer Sweat

It has been said that women do not sweat, they just gloss, but whoever made that statement never tolerate high humidity temperature South. When August rolls around everyone sweat if they venture outside.

Summer sweating is not attractive, does not smell pleasant, and leaves you feeling sticky all. There are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of sweat that you have.

1. Dress for the weather
Wearing appropriate clothing can reduce the amount of summer sweat you need to deal with. In summer you should wear clothing that fits loosely. Looser clothing will allow air to get between cloth and skin and it will allow the moisture to evaporate.

Wear light colored clothing is made from cotton and natural fibers. Cotton allows air to enter through a cloth and cool off naturally. Darker colors absorb heat and make you feel hotter than lighter colors reflect heat and cool off.

2. Stop Wearing Deodorant
Deodorant disguises foul smell like perfume makes. You do not want to be deodorant during the summer. Deodorant is fine for the winter months, but when the heat starts to get over seventy degrees you need to switch to antiperspirant.

Antiperspirants help to stop you from perspiring as much. They also help to block the smell, so you get the odor reduction Deodorant phone would provide sweat reducer.

Some simply can not find antiperspirant that works well for them. If you have tried the majority of antiperspirant brand and still have trouble with some sweat then you might want to see your doctor for a prescription antiperspirant.

3. Botox
If you have a large sweat issues, and nothing seems to help her, then you might want to look into Botox. Botox injections have been known to stop people from sweating profusely.

Nerves send chemical signals to the brain that says what you are overheating and need to sweating. Botox blocks this signal so that the message is not received and sweat begin to seep from the pores.

Botox works well for people who sweat profusely under their hands, and always have yellow stains on their clothes. The injections also help reduce perspiration that occurs in the hands and soles devices.

You can expect a Botox treatment to provide you relief from excessive sweating for up to six months.

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