Arthritis Pain Relief – Tips on How to Reduce Pain From Arthritis


Many people suffer from arthritis pain. It shows up in early age with changes beginning in young adulthood and advances with age. Two most common forms of arthritis that we see today are Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is extremely painful and can be debilitaing. Rheumatoid arthritis effects mostly the fingers, the knee and hip joints.The second most common for of arthritis is Osteoarthritis which affects mostly the vertebrae in the back but can affect any joint in the body.

I will give you tips on how to relieve the pain of arthritis. Many people wake up in the morning with painful and stiff joints from being in one position all night. If the knee joints are affected try to sleep on your side with knees slightly bent and a pillow between the knees to cushion those joints. If the fingers are affected, try running your hands under warm water for a few minutes to loosen up the finger joints.

Other remedies are to dip joints in warm paraffin wax bath. Use caution in this to prevent severe burns to the skin. Paraffin wax can be found at a local grocer or a discount retailer. There are also creams on the market today to relieve arthritis pain. In addition to the creams there are patches that heat up after applied to an area to cut down on the pain.

Doctors sometimes prescribe drugs called NSAIDS, ( Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs ). These medications help but often have unpleasant side effects. Some weaken the immune system and lower the bodys ability to fight off infection. Other side effects include stomach problems and in some cases cause stomach ulcers.

Other treatments include herbal remedies that promise to alleviate arthritis pain. Mild exercise also keep the joints from being stiff after sitting or standing for long periods of time. But remember to consult your physician before beginning any treatment due to the possibility of negative side effects.


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