Tips For Arthritis Pain Relief


Millions of people around the world are suffering from arthritis and its pain along with their daily living. The advance in science and medicine has led to many medications for curing Arthritis. But for the arthritis pain, many depend on some alternate methods as drug alone do not give complete relief.

Some tips that can help arthritis pain are as follows-

1. The first and the most helpful tip to relieve pain is belief in wellness. Living a happy life with positive thoughts, balanced food habits, regular exercise, mingling with positive minded people and friends, spending sometime with family and getting involved in activities of one’s choice. This keeps the mind of the person cool and makes him think less of the pain or sickness.

2. Another important aspect that has to be taken care is choosing the correct posture while sitting, standing and lying down. The right posture will reduce the stress that falls on the joints and the spinal chord, thereby giving relief to the pain. This is only one of the remedies and not a cure.

3. Use of high heels among women poses a serious threat to those who have arthritis or has a tendency to develop arthritis. Many researchers have come up with the observation that women who are wearing high heels of at least two inches or above increases the twisting force at the knee thereby, putting strain over the joints. So, those who are looking for pain relief may rethink about their use of high heels.

4. Above all, a good sleep is a medicine to this problem, as it relaxes and gives proper rest to the joints. Those who have trouble sleeping long during nights can go for short naps in the afternoon.


Source by Roshni Poddar

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