Arthritis Tips – How To Sit Comfortably If You Have Arthritis


Arthritis patients have a difficult time walking. However, they also can have a difficult time sitting as well. When you sit, the chair should be easy to get in and out of. The chair should allow your feet to rest flat on the floor when you are sitting all the way back in the chair. Allow the full length of your thighs to rest comfortably on the seat of your chair.

When sitting in achier, your feet should be supported at all times.

The chair back should give firm support so that your body maintains an erect sitting position. Armrests will help you stand up from the chair.

Avoid sitting in one position for too long since this will aggravate stiffness and pain. Change your position frequently.

At work your desk should be high enough to allow you to sit erect with relaxed shoulders. You should be able to reach your work surface with your forearms without having to lean forward or twist your body.

A computer keyboard should be at the right height that allows you to hold your elbows at right angles. These tips should not take the place of getting up and walking around every hour or so.

If your neck and shoulders get stiff, try a slanted table top that will raise your work surface to eye level.

Even your recliner should have a high back extending to the top of your head to provide neck support. Consider placing a small pillow behind your neck. The pillow should fit comfortably into the curve of your neck and not push your head forward.. Armrests should be at a comfortable height so that you don’t hunch your shoulders or slump to reach the arm rests. The chair should make it easy for you to move and change your position frequently so you don’t sit in one position for a prolonged period of time.

Some people may feel more comfortable with a pillow or other support behind the low back.

Getting out of a chair properly is also important. You should slide forward and place your feet a few inches apart and behind your knees. Place the palms of your hands on the arm rests or one the seat next to your thighs. Push down with your hands and legs, bending your head and upper body forward over your knees. Straighten your knees and back until you are erect. If you have a back problem, you should depend on your knees and not bend as far forward. Do not push with your knuckles. Use your palms and legs. Raising the seat height with cushions may be helpful.

Chair height can be changed using commercially available chair leg extenders.


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